Monday, May 12, 2014

Come Play In May - It's National Limerick Day!

Woo Hoo. I get to share a limerick.

I have eaten way too much crap
I would love to go take a nap
Out to run I must go
And get on with the show
'Cause the patio swing it went snap

True story. Sparkie, who has also put on a few pounds, and I were gently swinging on our old patio swing last night when The Aussie came up behind us and gave the swing a big push. That's when we heard the seat start to crack. There's nothing like the threat of falling on to the patio, amidst the remains of a wooden swing, to get you standing up quickly. It's a good thing the weigh-in for the Sisterhood's 6 month Commit To Your Fit dietbet opened today.


  1. Yikes! A friend and I were sitting on our front porch swing when I was in high school. We'd had that swing for ages and the porch ceiling/roof wasn't young either. We're swinging away when the whole thing pulled out of the ceiling and we came crashing down. Not comfy at all!

  2. Yikes! Okay, that's a motivation!