Sunday, May 11, 2014

Come Play In May - Motherhood

Motherhood. The human version never happened for us, so motherhood and Mother's Day don't mean the same for me that they do for many of you. Motherhood for me means picking up the bits of stuffing that was pulled out of dog toys. Motherhood for me means waking up from a dead sleep and sprinting to turn the alarm off and get a dog outside at 6 in the morning when you hear a dog start to barf. Thanks for that, Sparkie. I really needed that this morning. Motherhood for me means stuffing heartworm pills down a dog's throat. Sorry manufacturers, many dogs DON'T think your product tastes good.

Motherhood for me also means bunnies. Two summers ago we rescued some baby bunnies from a flooded burrow. They were so little, they didn't even have their eyes open. Before you scold, we had to rescue them, they were swimming in 6+ inches of water at midnight, and we were having torrential downpours all night. Mama never came back. Sadly, two of the four babies didn't survive, but two did. They were so stinking cute. Stinky, too. I was sad when we released them, but happy that they were going to be fine. I still see the Hoppities in the front yard. One of them lets me get within a few feet of it, seeming to listen to me while I talk to it.

 Wee little ones. They were so tiny.

Rambunctious little hoppity. Hey, Lady, where are the sweet potato vine leaves you promised?

This is one of the last pictures of the little ones. This was their release day, and they were happy to go.

Today I had a treat. Today I saw a grandbaby hoppity in the backyard. A very appropriate day to see the little one, and I couldn't help but smile.

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  1. All my babies are furbabies too and mothers day just kind of went with a resounding womp womp this year since I'm an ocean away from my mom. Also mothers day in the UK was last month. I love that you rescued the bunnies and that they're now having little inbred babies themselves. I had bunnies as a kid but don't think I'd want to do it again now unless needs must.