Cookbooks I Love

I am a hoarder of cookbooks. This isn't even my only cabinet with books. And yes, I bought 4 more this weekend.  Last count, I was well over 150. Here are a few of my favorites:

Betty Crocker's International Cookbook - this was one of the first cookbooks (non-children's variety) that I ever received. I still love it, 30 years on.

Donna Hay Modern Classics Book 1 - Donna Hay - Donna Hay is an Australian cookbook author and food stylist. Her food pictures make me want to be a better food photographer, and her recipes make me want to get in to the kitchen and roast things.

The Fannie Farmer Cookbook - Marion Cunningham - this is a classic cookbook to have (I also have a vintage copy of The Boston School Of Cookery Cookbook by Fannie Farmer)

The Indian Slow Cooker - Anupy Singla - I love Indian food, so having food that I can prepare in the slow cooker is a win-win for me.  The curried spinach is delicious.

Parisian Home Cooking - Michael Roberts - I love the stories, the sense of shopping in Parisian markets, and cooking classic dishes for friends in tiny Parisian kitchens. The rolled shoulder of lamb with potatoes and onions was divine. And how could you not want to make mashed potato cake with Gruyere cheese?

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