Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Come Play In May - Art: Create Something Beautiful

While it's a little flippant, my bio for Pinterest reads "Reader. Runner. Gardener. Quilter. Hoarder of Cookbooks. Dog Mom. Geek." While I may dabble in a few other things, and I'm not terribly accomplished at any one of these things, this pretty much sums me up. (My husband would REALLY agree with the whole 'Hoarder of Cookbooks' title, but he hoards his own crap, so he really can't bust my chops on that one.)

So what, you may ask, does this have to do with creating something beautiful? I am a hoarder of really expensive batik fabrics, too. When they get sewn together in a pleasing manner, they become a quilt. I've really got to get back to working on this one. The right strip has been removed, ahem, "un-sewed" because I put the wrong shade of purple batik on there. Would anyone but me notice? Maybe not, but it really irked me. Now that I look at it, the bottom one needs to come off, too.

I need to work on this one because I haven't ever made a quilt for me and my husband. I've contributed a lot of blocks to church quilts, which is how I started quilting in the first place, I've made several quilts for friends, and last Christmas, I gave my sister the quilt below.

Since I have so much pretty stuff to play with, I'd best get a move on.


  1. Oooh, the one you gave your sister has AWESOME colors. I've always wanted to be a quilt-maker! I tried one time. Not good. :)

  2. Those are lovely! I love all the purples together.

  3. beautiful! i love home made quilts. my mom has made them, too, as far back as i can remember. truly an art! :)