Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cook At Home Challenge - week 2 update

It's been fun trying new recipes this week as part of Kenlie's Cook At Home Challenge. This week I've made the following:

Grilled chicken and black bean quesadilla, made with reduced fat pepperjack cheese and reduced fat sour cream


Pork satay with cucumber salad and spicy peanut dipping sauce made with PB2 - awesome! (Please note that the husband got breaded pork cutlet and green beans because it was Doggy-Father's Day and that's what he wanted! He did try mine, though, and liked it.)

This is the potato torte with romesco sauce from one of the Weight Watchers cookbooks. Eh. It was a waste of the last of my smoked paprika. The cooking time on this recipe were outrageously off and it took forever for the egg beaters to set and cook. I had to cut it in half and flip over so that it was fully cooked. It did not look anything like the book picture, either. On the good side, the potatoes, herbs and tomatoes were all home grown.

I don't have pictures (well I do, but my non-phone camera has grown legs and walked away) of the awesome mixed berry dutch baby that I made on Saturday morning or the grilled salmon that I cooked last night. The dutch baby is from the Weight Watchers Power Foods cookbook and is so good.

Tonight I'm planning on grilling turkey tenderloins that I have marinating in soy, ginger and garlic marinade.


  1. Yay for cooking at home!! Great job!

  2. I would love the peanut sauce recipe (pleeeeeease) that sounds so yummy! Those BBQ skewer stick thingys look awesome where did you get them?
    Cooking at home is so nice it is something that is very easy to not do when you are busy.

  3. I love romesco sauce! Bummer that it didn't turn out well. I have the same issue when I make eggy dishes--I'm glad it's not just me. They take forever to set!