Monday, November 28, 2011

Weight Watchers - week 4 update

Um, yeah, there wasn't a week 3 update. That's because I was +1.4 pounds week 3. (hangs head) I was active, I ate somewhat well, drank too much... the usual story. Because I didn't want a repeat of that so early in the whole Weight Watchers journey, I was pretty careful this past week. Well, with the exception of eating Chinese food with The Aussie on Friday evening. We split an entree and I had a cup of egg drop soup before. Good thing I did. General Tso's chicken is 17 points for 1 cup!!!! Shoot me now. I found this out as I was eating leftovers yesterday afternoon after I got back from my weigh in and meeting. So yes, I seriously went over my points yesterday and a huge chunk of my weekly points are gone and it's only Monday. It really tasted awesome, though!

So yesterday's results: -1.6 pounds. I've lost last week's gain and an additional -.2 pounds. Not bad for a weigh in a few days after Thanksgiving. The leader didn't have any 5k charms, which I'm bummed about, because I did share that doing a Turkey Trot was part of my strategy this week. My total down is -6.2 pounds. I have -2.8 to go until I reach my 5% goal. That would be a really great Christmas present to myself!

Last week I started the 10K A Day challenge with The Sisterhood. I've logged my steps with my BodyMediaFit.

Wednesday - 3,532 (wore arm band for half the day)
Thursday - 18,305 (yay Turkey Trot and dog walks!)
Friday - 13,094
Saturday - 10,493
Sunday - 1204 (I took the armband off after church to charge it, plus I didn't want the weight for my weigh in so I didn't wear it the rest of the day)

Steps and activity = happy dogs = activity points. Win/win situation.

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