Thursday, June 9, 2011

I really wanted to like it...

I really did. By "it," I mean the cover recipe in a healthy eating magazine. It's a banana chocolate freezer pie. What's not to like, it's like your morning smoothie. It was easy to make, I had the ingredients on hand, and I had my own wheat free crust that I wanted to try out. Maybe it was my freezer, I don't know, but the texture of frozen pie was not pleasing. It was like little shards of ice imbedded in the pie. It tasted good, but it wasn't fun to eat. This won't deter me though. They have a berry pie recipe that looks good too, so that's up next! The strawberries are waiting!


  1. Where can I find this recipe? I'm willing to give it a whirl! Sometimes I Blend cottage cheese into my smoothies to make them more creamy and it adds protein without adding the sweet of yogurt. If I get a major sweet kick in the morning (say a banana, yogurt, and orange smoothie) - it sets me up for cravings all freakin' day. I add cottage cheese or sometimes spinach and no banana to change up tastes. I'm more than willing to try this pie and bring it to work for our weight loss challenge here!

  2. I'm all about pie crust. I usually end up scraping most of the pie off (except pumpkin) and eating the crust. But I do want to bake a traditional apple pie. I figure I should know how to make this since I'm getting older. Old women need to know how to bake apple pie. You know, for when the grandkids come over. ;)