Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Citrusy Goodness!

Now that the weather is heating up, I have been looking for ways to lighten up my recipes and cook with really fresh ingredients. I'm also trying to eat cleaner, and one way to brighten up the flavors in dishes with with citrus. A great company that I've tweeted with a number of times recently asked if I'd like to sample their product, True Lemon. Would I? I would love to, I replied. I absolutely love citrus, but I always end up buying too many lemons or limes and end up having to toss them out when they go bad. Or I'm making something and think that a squeeze of lime would be fantastic in it, but I've run out of limes, or the only one left is shrunken and dried and is hiding on the bottom of the veggie drawer. With True Lemon, problem solved!

I was so excited to open up the box to see what goodies were inside. Boy, was I surprised at the variety! There was lemon and lime, orange, raspberry lemonade...What I really love is that these products are all natural. They're made from 100% real fruit. The lemonades are sweetened with stevia, so they're low calorie too.

These are the cooking products. There's lemon, lime and orange packets, as well as lemon and lime shakers. I'm looking forward to cooking with the citrus packets. I have a few summery pies in mind, and as soon as I've worked out the recipes I'll be posting them to share with you. Key lime pie anyone?? :)

These are the drink mixes. So far I've had the original lemonade, the raspberry lemonade and the orange. I really try to stay on top of my hydration, especially since we've already had a few 100 degree days here in North Texas. These drink mixes have been fantastic. They aren't overly sweet, which I really appreciate. The flavors of the fruit really come through.

These little guys are my new favorite kitchen products. Last night I made a southwestern chicken salad. It was fairly simple: mixed greens, chicken breast from the rotisserie chook we had the night before, cherry tomatoes, black beans, pine nuts, cilantro and light ranch dressing with chili powder. What made it really zing was the True Lime I sprinkled on it. It, no pun intended, truely did taste like fresh lime juice was squeezed on my salad. No more spoiled limes, yay!

I am really looking forward to cooking more with all of these products. I'll keep you posted!

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