Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day can be a very emotional day when you no longer have a father. I was quite close to my Daddy. We butted heads at times, but who doesn't with their parents. He was a quiet man. If he didn't have something to say, he didn't. The ultimate in praise for something you cooked was "not bad." When we were little my sister, the neighbor boys and I had a rotten vegetable fight in the garden. He joined in, nailing my sister in the back with a rotten tomato. She started yelling as he stood there snickering. God, I love that memory. He loved his dogs, his music, his vegetable garden, his family. And he left us much too soon.
W.A.N. 1935-2001
My wedding day in 1995. He cleaned up well!

Christmas morning, 1996. This was much more typical of how he looked.

The Aussie and my Dad on an unseasonably cold June day in 2000 in Cape Cod.

Family portrait Christmas 2000. This was the last Christmas we had with Daddy.

Damn, I miss him. I'm crying as I type this. The years will pass, and I have complete faith that I will see you again. Give the dogs pats and give a kiss to Byrde Byrde for me and tell her I miss her too.

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I've been going through my boxes of pictures trying to find ones from my Australia trips. I don't have many pictures of The Aussie's Dad. I've only been to Australia twice, so I didn't spend much time with him. A barrister for many years, he loved a good argument and he loved his little chihuahua Kyrie. Somewhere I have a picture of the two of them. I have to keep digging.

This was taken December 26, 1997.
D.S. 1923 - 2006

If you're blessed enough to still have your father in your life you are very fortunate. Happy Father's Day, Daddy and Doug.


  1. I lost my dad back in 2005 to complications from leukemia and yes, Father's Day is quite emotional for me. Hard for me not to get depressed this time of year. People tell me it will get easier with time but I call BS on all that. Losing a parent isn't something you "get over" just something you eventually have to learn to live with. For me some days are better than others. I wondered why it was hard for me to get anything done this week and why I was crying at every single random reality TV show and your blog helped shed some light on it for me.

    My thoughts are with you and all of the other folks out there without their dads around. I wish mine would have been alive to actually see me meet the fellow that's to be my husband but sadly he won't get to walk me down any aisle. It must have been amazing to share that special moment with your dad.

    Have a good good as it can get anyways...

  2. Iris, thank you so much for this comment. My father also had leukemia, so I know how hard it is. And you're right. It isn't something you "get over" when you're close to your dad. {{{HUGS}}} to you.

  3. beautiful beautiful tribute post.


  4. electronic hug! i can't imagine what it's like to lose a father but i'm glad you have good memories of him... stay strong today.

  5. Such a great post Kyra. I lost my dad in 2004, so I do understand. Enjoy the memories!

  6. Beautiful post. I miss my dad too.