Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Seriously? Yup. Seriously.

After having a blog for several years, I just figured out how to add tabs. Seriously?

Yup. I know. Seriously. So, one of the tabs I added is called "Cookbooks I Love." I am a self-described cookbook hoarder. Just the other day, a food blogger I know on FB asked if people still, in this digital age, use cookbooks. I responded that yes, and I had just bought four cookbooks (from BandN) and two e-cookbooks that day. What makes this all really amusing is that my husband is such a meat and potatoes type of eater. Roast it, bread it and fry it, serve some fries with it, and a small side of one of the few vegetables he eats with it. Why I have SO MANY cookbooks is really beyond me, but for the fact that I do enjoy reading a lot of them. I almost never follow a recipe exactly, so they are more there to keep me company while I cook, like cooking friends. Clearly, I have a lot of cooking friends.

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