Monday, August 5, 2013

I have to rant about something.

I need to get something off of my chest. I've been a member of Weight Watchers for over a year and a half. Sometimes I do well, sometimes I don't do well. I know exactly whose fault it is if I have a bad weigh in. Sometimes I eat crap. It's a fact of life. To paraphrase something that a leader said recently, "you didn't get to where you are now by eating too much fruit." No, most of us didn't. Some people got there by eating too much fried food. Some people got there by eating too much snack food. And some people got there by eating too much candy. I know, everything in moderation. But for crying out loud, who eats one cubic morsel of fudge when they've made AN ENTIRE PAN????

So I have to tell you, it really pisses me off to see them promoting a marshmallow fudge recipe. I refuse to even consider this a "healthier" version.  I don't care (actually, I do, because too many of these ingredients are processed crap) if you're using cooking spray to make each piece have fewer calories. I don't (see above) care if you're using light butter or margarine to make each piece have fewer calories. I don't care if you're using fat free evaporated milk to make each piece have fewer calories. No one needs to be eating something that has close to two cups of sugar AND 14 large marshmallows. Some of the people I see at meetings have real health issues. They're diabetic, they're on multiple medications. Eating stuff (I refuse to call it food) like this can be dangerous for them. And get real. You're pouring the stuff in to an 8x8 pan and the instructions are to cut this in to 36 pieces? They have got to be kidding. (Just how many of the uneven and irregular pieces end up on the cook's mouth, and not on a plate to "share" with everyone else in their family?? "Oh, no, the recipe only makes 24 pieces, not's all here.") And each piece is costs you 3 points?  If they want to provide alternatives, how about tell people to eat a few chocolate chips. That's the least offensive ingredient in the recipe. (It should be noted that I like chocolate chips and have, upon occasion, done just this.)

Studies show that the average person consumes over 100 pounds of sugar EACH YEAR. Is it any wonder people have health issues?

Go do yourself a favor. Don't make this. If you want something chocolate, go eat a piece of chocolate. And make it a real piece of chocolate. The good stuff. Don't waste your points on a bunch of processed crap. I have never heard anyone call marshmallows healthy.

End of rant.


  1. Hmmmmmm, guess you're not interested in my S'morzo recipe (orzo with choc, graham crackers and marshmallows)?

  2. I totally agree. Using what I call 'faux foods' like light margarine and all that crap just makes it full of more crap. It's so much better to just eat a piece of chocolate and be done with it. It's like telling an alcoholic to just drink watered down whiskey, or only have a sip. Still killin' ya in the end.

  3. This is something that irks me with a lot of so called 'healthy' recipes. It's so much processed crap, but as long as it's low calorie, woohoo it's healthy?!

    1. This is one reason I'm not a fan of Hungry Girl. I bought one of her books, saw it was all processed stuff, donated it to my community garden's tag sale fundraiser.

  4. Rant on, girlfriend! I remember when I used to use I Can't Belivee It's Not butter. G-A-C-K! I use the real thing now. BUTTAH! It might stick to my arteries, but at least it's not faux.

  5. Thanks for sharing this one on Liz's post on the Fitbloggin' FB page. This was one of my biggest issues with WW and why I ultimately left. I am not trying to knock WW. I'm not. But it is a tool. One that really helped me learn moderation, portion control, measuring, etc. But after awhile, when I really needed to learn about nutrition and making better choices, it couldn't give me what I needed. Plus, I don't like people trying to sell me processed crap as a means to lose weight. Anywho, great post! Thank you, again, for sharing!

  6. Yes. There is too much crap food being pushed and manipulated under the guise of a healthy agenda. Many folks need basic nutrition info which is lost a great deal in pop society.