Friday, January 11, 2013

Better than a parking lot...

Yesterday afternoon on FB, I posted the following:

"Feeling nauseous. I just "liked" a particular marathon page. It may be time to get my act in gear and start running again. The marathon is December 1st. I haven't run, if you call my turtle pace running, since June, when I did the Wounded Warrior Half. Is this enough time to train?"

The responses were very positive, and a friend from church who is a marathoner said "Yes!!!" So I started looking in to various training plans. I am not looking to push it, especially since I haven't run since June and I'm a little bit more creaky in the knees and hips. Hell. I'm closer to 50 than 40. I'm happy I can get off the couch some days, given as spastic and clutzy I am.  What I found is Hal Higdon's Novice Supreme marathon training guide. It's a 30 week schedule. This gives me plenty of time (knock on wood) to prepare for and train for this race.  It even gives me time to complete all 9 weeks of C25K beforehand.

Last night after dinner I told The Aussie to visualize spending a few days in Florida at the end of November/beginning of December in Florida. He says "okay, sounds nice." I then told him why. I said "I promised you that when I was ready to do a full, that you'd have something nicer than the parking lot at Fair Park to look at."

source: Pegasusnews
BTW, I'm feeling nauseous again. I just finished copying the training plan in to my calendar. Yikes.


  1. Go Kyra!!!! You can do it and I will be here cheering you on! Tell that Aussie hello from Utah XO

  2. You can do it Kyra! Looking forward to supporting you along the way.

  3. Yay! So exciting. That is plenty of time to train and you will rock it - go Kyra!

  4. Kyra, you got this. I think you've given yourself plenty of time to prepare. Half that race is in your head, right? You can do it.

  5. You've got plenty of time to train and be prepared. Repeat after me... 'I CAN DO THIS!!' You're awesome :)


  6. I'm so excited for you! You have an incredible plan in place already and I can't wait to cheer you while your rock it!

  7. We all know you can do it. One step at a time, work the plan, you'll do great!