Friday, September 18, 2009

The Workout Playlist and Missouri 60

For the last couple of weeks I have been tweaking my workout playlist for my walk around the neighborhood. Serious music-nerd time. Compiling songs, finding the bmp for each song, ordering the songs by bmp, changing my mind, re-0rdering them, swapping out songs .... on and on it went. Today's walk was PERFECT, so I'm posting my playlist.

Hella Good - No Doubt - 115 bmp - 4:03
I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred - 121 bmp - 2:51
What Is Love - Haddaway - 126 bmp - 4:29
Can't Get You Out Of My Head - 126 bmp - 3:51
I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas - 128 bmp - 4:49
Uprising - Muse - 128 bmp - 5:05
Mercy - Duffy - 130 bmp - 3:40
Days Go By - Dirty Vegas - 127 bmp - 3:43
Walkin' On The Sun - Smashmouth - 125 bmp - 3:27
Stacy's Mom - Fountains Of Wayne - 118 bmp - 3:18
Today I'm Goldilocks and it's just right. Until I change my mind again...

(As a side note, having I'm Too Sexy in your playlist can be dangerous. You don't know how tempted I was to do my little turns on the catwalk while walking down the sidewalk. Knowing me and my relationship with the side-walk monster, I'd trip and fall spectacularly.)

And here's my Missouri 60 pictures... (grin)
Here is the first picture.
And here's the latest picture.

These look like, but aren't, the same pants I wore in the first picture. They're a pair of 12s I haven't fit into in a couple of years!


  1. You look FAB-U-LESS, Kyra! Your trip to Missouri did you well! And yay for fitting into clothes that were once too small. Keep up the fantastic job!

    Btw, GREAT playlist! :D

  2. excellent! you are doing it up!

  3. Awesome pics! And the songs I know on your playlist are songs I adore -- now I need to check out the rest of them!

  4. you know that I had to come on here and comment on the playlist! i would love to see you doing the turns on the I mean sidewalk! =P

    ps. what is this Missouri 60?

  5. You just made me by Right Said Fred! I forgot all about them!