Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'Twas the Last Day Of Summer...

'Twas the last day of summer, and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even my Spouse...

We had a very quiet, but productive, Labor Day. When I did venture out of the house (into the 95+ degree heat) I decided to take a field trip to a (fairly) recently opened store in Coppell. Where did I go, you ask? (Ok, humor me and pretend you asked)


Sprouts is a chain of natural grocery stores. It's like farmer's market crossed with a health food store. All sorts of lovely things there. I went there to get corn on the cob, tomatoes, and to see if they carry Crunchmaster multi-seed crackers (awesome crackers).

Here's a shot of the bakery/coffee section.

And the produce section...

Some lovely fruit. (The man picking out plums next to me was a bit puzzled by my photography subjects. )

Ooh. Mangos. We love mangos. (Hanlie, I'll be trying the mango sorbet recipe soon.)

Here's a peek into my basket so far. Corn, check. Tomatoes, check. Other stuff I didn't go there to buy, check.

All in all, it was a lovely field trip on the last "official" day of summer. Oh, and they do carry the crackers I was looking for. And the Hansen's grapefruit soda, and the asparagus, and the Pirate's Booty Veggie, and the...I had fun! (grin)

And here's the final result. Dinner!


  1. Sprouts looks like an awesome store! Wish there was one near me, LoL.

    And as always...Your dinner looks DELICOUS! :D

  2. We just got Sprouts! I went on the first day, it was crazy and crowded but I loved it! The produce looks so good. The black grapes were mah-velous!

  3. You know we're getting one in our 'burb, right? I saw a sign up. It's still just an empty field (and I kind of wish they'd leave it that way...) but they claim it's gonna have a Sprouts.