Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why thank you, for me?

I'd like to thank the Academy, oops, I mean The Diva Weigh for this lovely award!

How thrilling is it to have someone read your blog, leave encouraging comments, and think that it's worth a lovely blog award. Thank you so much Linda. (I feel kind of like Sally Field saying "you like me, you really like me...")

In a pay it forward way, I'd like to list a number of blogs that I follow that are also lovely blogs that deserve a Lovely Blog award.

Being a newbie blogger, I have absolutely no idea how to link their blogs to this with hypertext, so in no particular order, because I love you all, I'll just list them. (If someone could clue me in later on how to link things I'd appreciate it)

Bookworm On A Mission

I Am Succeeding

Follow In My Footsteps

The Fab Fatties

A Merry Life

Living Lighter

Fitter Happier

Warrior Woman

Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat

We Are The Real Deal

Smile, It Helps

Prior Fat Girl

Being Da Man Ain't Easy

Fertile Healthy

Hungry Little Catarpillar

1 comment:

  1. Aren't you a sweetie! And as far as pasting hyperlinks I THINK it's as easy as pasting in like:

    http://kyratx-afoodiegetsfit.blogspot.com but no that doesn't work either...oh well.