Friday, August 28, 2009


On a personal level, blogging is new to me. I’ve read many of your blogs, left comments, marveled at how honest you are with yourselves and with your readers. I admire your honesty. Today I had an “ah ha” moment about my own honesty. Today I read the following in a post written this past spring by @fabfatties Angie.

“Today I am focusing on being responsible for what I have created and accepting responsibility for the change I want to see."

A big light bulb went off in my head when I read this. I haven’t been acting responsible for what I’ve created. I’ve been making excuses for what I’ve created. I’m getting older, my metabolism has slowed down, that’s why I’ve gained weight... I don’t work in the city and I’m not walking all the time anymore, that’s why I’ve gained weight... I work from home, so I’m not moving around as much… It tastes good, I want to eat more of it… I like having wine with my dinner… I’m tired, I don’t really feel like exercising...I’m sore, so I’m going to take it easy today…

What I’ve created is an excuse monster. I’ve created a fat person who was too content to lounge on the sofa with a glass of wine and a good book. That’s not a creation to be particularly proud of. Even this morning while I was walking the dogs I decided that I’d have a leisurely walk because my thighs still hurt from jogging and the many squats I did the other day. And this comes after the small tantrum I threw last night because it hurt to keep standing up and sitting down. “Why the *** I doing this? Why can’t I just be happy to be a Beluga whale. They’re cute. I just want to eat some junk food and not care about it.” I didn’t end up eating any junk food (I try not to keep any in the house), but I did pour myself another glass of wine and sulk.

So today is now TODAY. The day where I focus on being responsible for what I have created and accepting responsibility for the change I want to see. Today is the day I will get myself back on the elliptical after work even though my leg muscles are sore from being used. Today is the day I will work on the 200 squats challenge (thanks @bwJen for writing about this). Today is the day I take responsibility for myself. That’s not to say there won’t be other days. Days where I hit a speed bump and throw a tantrum because I want some Doritos or I don’t want to exercise. I want to see a change. I really do. I have to act responsibly so I can create the change. No one can do it for me. But please, keep bringing the challenges my Twitter family. You’re helping more than you could imagine, and I thank you for that.

Just for today, do not worry.
Just for today, do not anger.
Honor your parents, teachers and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude to every living thing.

- Mikao Usui


  1. jennifer york (jeepjenn)August 28, 2009 at 5:21 PM

    A-ha moments are wonderful aren't they? It's like the clouds clear for a moment and you see things as they really are.
    My a-ha moment was 1 M&M takes a 7 minute brisk walk to work off...when have I ever had just one?
    Motabolism slowing down? My trainer told me to take 1 multi-vitamin, 1000mg vitamin c, and 1000mg calcium before bed...and a month later, with a better food plan and exercise, my motabolism rocks! Yes, I woke up in the middle of the night with sweat rolling down my back...but it was worth it. Now, when I fall off the wagon (and sometimes I continue to roll for a day or two...) it really doesn't effect me in the long term. Her suggestion origionally was to get a liquid vitamin called miracle 2000, but it was awful, and I couldn't take it.
    Work from home? Make time to do an exercise video during the day...
    Really need the taste of doritos? Chew them up and spit them out!
    Sore from exercising? Do it again, so it'll hurt less and less each time.
    Like Kelly my trainer tells me..the only thing stopping your body is your mind. Retraining your mind is a huge stepping stone to success in any field!

  2. don't rush the results and don't make excuses.
    I'm working on this myself!

  3. What a strong post! Way to drum up your inner strength. You can do it and we are all here to help! Lean on us when you can't stand for yourself.

  4. I love this attitude...I know I, too, have been guilty of making excuses...I'm like REALLY good at it, but ultimately I know WHY and it starts with ME! Good job on changing your mental attack. We can do this!

  5. Hurray for a-ha moments! This is a really great post. I think a lot of us have been good at creating excuses.

  6. you can do this! you've already taken the first step. Just keep going. :)