Monday, October 31, 2011

Interesting weekend

Slowly getting back into running. Did a couple of miles on Saturday that were decent. If I'd had more time I probably would have gotten in more, but time was tight. Did get in a nice walk with the dogs, too.

Sunday was interesting. Started the day by dropping a dinner knife on my foot. The corner of the handle end hit the edge of the nail on the top of a big toe. The pain reminded me of the "I want to throw up this hurts so much" pain I've experienced when breaking toes. Hopefully this will not be a break, but just a nasty bruise. Of course I stubbed the same toe later in the day, scraping the end of it on the driveway when I was putting garbage in our bin. Figures, doesn't it.

And I also joined Weight Watchers on Sunday afternoon. Several years ago I had an online account. Managed to lose the 20 or so pounds that I put on after we moved down from the Northeast. I've pretty much maintained that loss for a couple of years, but stayed around that same weight since then. Recently it's been creeping back up, so it was time I got my act back together. I've never done WW meetings before, and it was really different. People have been raving about the Points Plus method of tracking and there are so many people on FB and Twitter that have had such success on Weight Watchers. And seeing Suzi Storm as the newest WW Success Story is so inspiring. If she can have her beer and do WW and lose the weight, then I should be able to have my wine and do WW and succeed.

I'm a bit scared though, and not in a "it's Halloween" kind of way. I look at the points values of certain foods that I've been eating, and I know I have been waaay overeating. Usually more healthy than not, but way more than I needed to be. (Speaking of more healthy than not, what is with the fact that there are almost 60 pages of desserts, cakes, candy and cookies values in the Complete Food Companion? You aren't supposed to be eating crap, even if you know how many points it is.) I'm afraid of being hungry, I'm afraid I'll fail because I'm not usually very disciplined, I'm afraid I'll give up...I'm even afraid I'll succeed.

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