Saturday, November 20, 2010

One of those days...

I try to be a positive person, I really do. Today, I'm finding it hard.

1. I was supposed to do at least 10 miles today on my long run. My hamstring is bothering me so much I only made it 4.23. Much of that was walking. Oh yeah. White Rock is in 2 weeks. At this point, I'm praying just to finish. Hopefully I can do that, even if I have to walk most of the way. I know it's shallow, but I'd really like a finisher's medal.

2. The person who invited me to go running with her early this morning never called to confirm. No call yesterday. No call today. Disappointed.

3. Friends from down the street are in the midst of a divorce. Today's the day they're moving out. I ran past the moving van at the end of my run. Very sad. I'm going to miss them. Even their five kids.

4. Situation at my husband's office is so stressful. Co-worker and he are supposed to share information on the IT projects they're both working on. Co-worker has refused to "share knowledge" pretty much since he started there. Co-worker is on vacation and husband didn't know what stage other guy's project was at and he got in trouble for it. Doesn't that just figure.

Yeah. Today's shaping up to be a really great day.


  1. There's something to be said for just venting and acknowledging when things aren't so great. Putting on a happy face isn't always the best thing to do.

    I'm holding you in my thoughts Kyra.

  2. Nothing like a good vent sometimes, huh? Hopefully the weekend doesn't turn out to be a total bust for you!

  3. Kyra, I'm sure you have heard before that there is nothing you can do two weeks before your event that will improve your performance. The training is already locked in and I have not one single doubt in your ability to complete this. Taking it easy and nursing that hamstring will be key for you. Beside all of that, you CAN and WILL finish my sweet friend :-)