Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guest Chef In The Kitchen

It isn't often that someone cooks for me (no Sweetie, making me coffee doesn't count) so I just had to take pictures and blog about it! My friend, Korean Cowgirl, showed up on Saturday afternoon with fixings for Bulgogi, a marinated beef stir-fry kind of dish. We'd never had it before, so I got a kick out of being a spectator in my own kitchen.

She bought the thinly sliced marinated beef at Super H Mart, a huge Asian grocery store. It's often made with ribeye or sirloin. I don't know what this particular cut was. Here's the meat, mixed with soy sauce, garlic, ginger, a little sesame oil. The carrots are mixed in with this bowl since they'll take longer to cook than the other veggies.

Which brings us to other veggies. She had scallions and some gorgeous leeks, which she chopped.

Here are more scallions, mixed with the giant bean sprouts. They were sauteed separately.

She cooked the meat and carrots over high heat, stirring frequently.

The bean sprouts were also cooked over high heat. We all agreed after dinner that the bean sprouts could have been cooked longer. They were still very crunch. Good, but crunchy.

And the finished dish, which was served over rice. It was so good that even the fussy eater in my house cleaned his plate. Three times.

Man, that was good. I'm thinking a trip to Super H Mart is in short order...

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  1. Oh Yum! I visited So. Korea 2 years ago and love, love, love bulgogi! Korean BBQ is also the bomb! and kimchi! and kimchi-pancakes! and rice tea! mmmm! Thanks for sharing this! It's hard to find authentic Korean food!