Thursday, September 8, 2016

Home Chef - Subscription Meal Box

There are so many meal planning boxes out there, it's hard to figure out which company is best for you. Do you go with the boxes you see advertised on tv all of the time, like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron? Do you try a different one like Plated, Peach Dish or Green Chef? If you don't like to do any prep, there's always Terra's Kitchen. Are their recipes any good? Is my husband going to eat it? In my case, probably not for this last one; he doesn't like to try new things in case he doesn't like it and it becomes a waste of food. (Household Tip: When you have three dogs, there's no such thing as wasted food, unless it's something they can't eat)

I'd toyed with the idea of subscribing to a box just to see if I can get some new dinner ideas. I know how to cook, I just get bored. A couple of weeks ago I saw some delicious looking food pictures posted by a dog parent friend on FB. I asked if he subscribed to a box, and he told me he did, one called Home Chef. I wasn't at all familiar with this box, but I looked it up, thought it sounded decent, and asked if he had a referral link. It wasn't too expensive, so I signed up, and my first box was delivered today!

The food is very well packed, with insulation and cooling packs. (Their brochure says that the packaging and containers are all recyclable, even the ice packs). The meat was packaged separately from the other meal ingredients, surrounded by additional cooling packs.

You get a binder with an information sheet on basic storage and preparation. You also get full page sized recipe cards for each meal in your order, pre-hole punched so that you can keep them in your binder.

Here's where it got a little weird, though. When I signed up, my two pre-selected meals were chicken with green peppercorn sauce and truffled three cheese flatbread. I added on patio bbq steak sandwich because it looked good, like something the husband would enjoy.

They didn't include the meal kit for the three cheese flatbread. They sent two meal kits for the green peppercorn chicken. Unfortunately, they didn't bother sending two packets of chicken breast. So I have a second bag of veggies and fixings. I immediately sent them an email letting them know about this mistake. I've gotten back an automatic response email, but no one has contacted me yet.

Here are the ingredients they sent for the bbq steak sandwich.The produce looks very fresh, the rolls are reasonably soft. Lots of herbs and cheese. The box ingredients are listed on the recipe card, and they also let you know what you'll need from your kitchen.

In Your Box:
.9 oz butter
2 ears of corn
1 red onion
5 parsley sprigs
2 hoagie rolls
2 flat iron steaks
3 oz cheddar cheese slices
1 T dark chili powder
3 oz bbq sauce
1 oz baby arugula

Since it's still nice and hot outside, I'll be grilling tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Have you subscribed to a recipe box? Which one did you choose, and what did you think?


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